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Michael Micklos
Owner of seven TR3s and a 1970 Jaguar E-type coupe

Michael Micklos writes: "In 1966 I purchased my first British car with the intentions of it being a dependable mode of transpotation. Little did I know that this acquisition would spark a life time of interest and be the foundation of a hobby that I would carry with me until the present day.

"The picture of a young man standing in front of the 1957 TR3 (second photo) is me. The picture was taken in 1967. I was a youth of 20 years old at that time. The car is gone, but I am still here!

"The 1959 TR3 (black with red stripe) was purchased with a bad push rod for $50 in 1970. Upon purchasing it, it had to be towed home and repaired. The car has been roadworthy and driven every year since then.

"Year after year, my collection has grown. I now own seven TR3s, some in pieces and some complete. Housing all of this has created some storage issues. The problem was solved by stacking them in my garage. I created a bi-level stacker that I built out of scrap I-beams and rough cut lumber. This is illustrated in the photo attached.

"In addition to the TR3s and all the parts and pieces, I also have a 1970 Jaguar E-type coupe, which I purchased in late 1971. (Photo shows me and my youngest son, Justin.) The car, except for the rubber, floor mats and exhaust, is all original. (Can you believe the car has the original spark plug wires?) The car has 74,000 miles and is driven in the summer.

"I still have a roof-mounted ski rack for the Jaguar that I used when I took the car on skiing trips. That’s the way it was then, we drove the cars.

"As I look back through the years and reflect, I am fortunate to have purchased my first British car in 1966. I am grateful for the passion and hobby that had began long ago on that warm summer day."



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