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Charles and Kim de Bourbon
Owners of a 1966 MGB Roadster

Kim's car is a Tartan red 1966 MGB, which she's had on the road since 2000. She's kept it positive ground with a generator and voltage  regulator, but converted it to a single 12-v battery. It's fitted with a 1975 overdrive transmission and a 1969 18GH engine with the later  pre-engaged starter. She redid the interior in 2002, including sound deadeners and heat-shield insulation, a new carpet kit, redoing the wrinkle-painted steel dash, and installing a restored original AM-only radio. It is her daily driver, April to November, and she drove it out to St. Louis for MG2003 and cross-country to Olympia, Wash., for MG2005.



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