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Russ Czura
Russ says he he's "been a Brit-car crazy person forever! You name it, I've had at least one, with the exception of an Austin Healey 3000."

His current toy is this 1966 TR4A IRS (independent rear suspension), VIN #CTC 59665L, Spa White with black interior piped in white. He has the original window sticker (not a copy), showing the various options and the total cost of $3,287.00. "Expensive little bugger for its time!"

Russ's all-time favorite car is, and always will be, a Jaguar E-Type Roadster. "Preferably Series I, but Series II is OK as well," he says. "I've had two Series I (a 1962 and a 1967), and a 1969 Series II. I surely will have another in a year or so! Please keep that in mind for any potential sellers out there!


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